SkillSelect - Expression of Interest (EOI)

NOTE: Expression of interest (EOI) points system is not the same as Canberra Matrix points system in ACT.

SkillSelect is a portal for which applicants can lodge an expression of interest (EOI) for the skilled workers or business persons that would like to migrate to Australia. For the skilled workers, a skills assessment is a must and a competent level of English is the lowest level to be eligible for skilled visas, your occupation must be eligible for the subclass of the visa that you are looking for.

COmpleted EOI will be valid for 2 years and can be updated at any time. You should update your EOI when:

  1. You have gained more work experience
  2. You have Gained new qualifications
  3. You have scored a higher English level
  4. Change in family relationship

The updated EOI may increase or decrease the number of points calculated before the invitation, you will be unable to update your EOI once invited to apply for the visa.

Type of invitations

Independent Skilled Visas (189)

Once you have complteted the EOI, you will be invited to apply for the visa based on the highest-ranking EOIs based on the occupation ceilings of your nominated occupation.

State and Territory Nominated Visas (190)

You will be invited to apply for the visa if you are nominated by your state or territory government. Each state or territory has their own eligibility and requirement to be nominated and invited to apply for your visa.

To see the comparison of every state and territory nominations, click here.

Business Innovation & Investment Visas (188)

You can either be nominated by state or territory to get invitation from skillselect or be nominated by Austrade.

After EOI Completion

If You Are Invited

You will receive an invitation to apply for the visa from SkillSelect and you will have 60 days to prepare and submit your application.

If You Are Not Invited

Not all completed EOI receive an invitation to apply. The department will publish the lowest points of invitation so that you can get an idea of how likely are you going to get an invitation.

After Submitting Visa Application

If you are in Australia, you will be issued a bridging visa while you wait for the outcome of your visa application so that you can stay in Australia lawfully.