Why Choose LC Migration?

Honesty Guarantee

When you decide to let us help you, you are always covered by our honesty guarantee.
We will share with you every solution that we can find to prepare you for the best possible outcome.
( ) Our team will take care of The entire process
( ) Quality, expert advice
( ) Upfront expectation
( ) High success rate
( ) Results driven
( ) The success of your application is our number one priority

At LC Migration, we offer consultations to assess your needs. Where possible we aim to meet in person, however, Teleconference via Zoom allows flexibility for the client.

Follow the steps below to make a time to discuss your situation.

Once the booking has been completed, we will request a copy of your passport and resume to be emailed to us in order to ensure the consultation time is utilized effectively to discuss your situation.


Due to the Coronavirus and in the interest of safety for all our clients, we will hold appointments via videoconference unless there are exceptional circumstances.

We look forward to working with you during this difficult time.

We use zoom as our video conference, we will send the zoom link automatically after you booked a consultation or we will send it to you directly. Ensure the zoom link includes “zoom.us/” in the link for authentication.

Free 20 Minutes Phone Consultation

We provide a free 20 minutes phone consultation as a first impression only for you to decide if you want us to work with your visa application.
We only provide a free consultation if you are in Australia.
Free 20 Minutes Phone Consultation

Initial Consultation with a Registered Migration Agent
✔ Registered Migration Agent
✔ 30 to 45 Minutes Consultation
✔ Teleconference (Zoom/WeChat)
✔ Speaks English
✔ Speaks Mandarin Chinese
Initial Consultation with an Education Agent
✔ Education Counsellor
✔ 30 to 45 Minutes Consultation
✔ Supervised by Liz
✔ Teleconference (Zoom)
✔ Speaks English
✔ Speaks Lao
✔ Speaks Thai
✔ Speaks Vietnamese
Review / Advice on your own application
✔ Registered Migration Agent
✔ 60 Minutes Review
✔ Teleconference (Zoom/WeChat)
✔ Speaks English
✔ Speaks Mandarin Chinese

Business Consultation with Chartered Accountant and Registered Migration Agent
Canberra / Melbourne
✔ Registered Migration Agent and Chartered Accountant
✔ 60 Minutes Consultation
✔ Teleconference (Zoom/WeChat)
✔ Speaks English
✔ Speaks Mandarin Chinese