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- Testimonials -


“Liz Chen was first recommended to by my friend who got her ENS visa successfully with Liz’s help. After I finished my school, I had to apply for my 485 visa which is graduate visa. My wife and I were looking for a good and reliable migration consultant for a long time before we were..."


“My husband and I applied for our permanent residency which is ENS by Liz Chen. We were the one who was going to be first clients for her, and we could just not believe how she did a great job for us, the way she gave us quote with all details between RSMS and ENS, we just loved how she described things and showed us, also she was the most affordable migration agency ever.


"I would firstly summarise my experience with Liz as EXCELLENT. Liz made the process much more manageable and understandable. She easily understood my circumstances and designed solutions that would tick all my boxes. All the steps seemed a lot simpler when she took control and subsequently gave me the confidence I needed..."

Eric and Eveline

"We have been really lucky to find Liz on MARA’s listing. As an immigration agent, she is willing to offer her professional advice without reserve. She analysed our situation and gave us two workable plans. While Eric and I were hesitating, she suggested us taking the path which was cheaper and easier. Even if we have encountered many difficulties and situations, Liz has been really responsible and patient to help us solve the problems. Her efficiency is quite impressive and deserves much appreciation."