Are you planning to get permanent resident in Australia?

Are you planning to get permanent resident after finishing your university course?

You should consider planning your steps early

We learn that a simple mistake can easily rob you from your chance of lodging your permanent residence application. Therefore, planning your steps as early as possible will give you more advantages.

Check the eligibility of your EOI points and your state nomination

Most of the steps in getting a state nomination requirements months of commitement, your EOI points can sometime be overlooked. Early planning and action will prevent you from delaying your application.

What is your English proficiency?

There are times where our clients are struggling with balancing work and preparing for English test to get to the required proficiency


Skills Assessment

Depending on your occupation, skills assessment have their own requirements that you have to fulfill before applying for skilled visas and the processing time of skills assessments can take months.

Professional Year

There are circumstances where professional year is mandatory depending on your situation and course that you have taken. Professional usually takes 1 year to complete but it can take longer if the internship process is not handled properly.

Backup Plan

Always prepare a backup plan, the regulations can change without notice so backup plan is a good idea to help you prepare for the worst.