Last updated: 20 Aug 2020

Moving to Canberra

For Migration Purpose

  • You do not need to work in your nominated occupation
  • It is considered regional for migration purpose
  • Top universities and worklife balance
  • Primary and secondary school education system are similar
  • Diverse and accepting community
  • Most jobs are government oriented and you might need PR first or there are limited jobs in small private companies
  • It is a small town of 400,000 population
  • ACT government might change the nomination requirements without prior notice
  • As of 20 Aug 2020, your nominated occupation must be on the critical occupations list to be eligible for state nomination

Why Canberra?

It is not required to work in a nominated occupation

You are required to work for at least 6 months before applying your state nomination but it is recommended for you to be working for at least 1 year to get more points toward Canberra matrix.

Commitment to Canberra will grant you more points towards Canberra matrix

You Canberra period of stay will reward you with more points to Canberra matrix, you need you to bank statements to show that you have transaction histories in Canberra.

Spouse / Partner can help you

If your spouse / partner is employed in Canberra, you will get points toward your Canberra matrix. You will get further more points if your partner / spouse has at least proficient English.

You have the chance to change your career path

You get to start over if you do not like your current career path and get more point towards your ACT study and residence period Canberra matrix points.

You have access to subclass 491

Subclass 491 is a temporary visa for regional area only. We only recommend going to 491 if you are not eligible for 190.

Located in between Sydney and Melbourne

You can visit Sydney and Melbourne on the weekend for recreational purposes.