Misconception Of Visa Application Expectation

My Friend Did His/Her Application Like This…

You have to keep in mind that no two applications are the same as the law changes quite frequently. Your situation and your friend’s situations are not identical as you may have a different background, different Bachelor certificate, a different job, the law might have changed or even holding different visa subclasses so what works for your friend may not be the best options for you, only compare if your situation is EXACTLY the same. You need to make sure that you get advice from a migration agent/lawyer that specifically tailored to your current situation.

Superior English Will Guarantee My Permanent Residence

Even though superior English does grant you more points but you still have to make yourself eligible by fulfilling different criteria such as age, residency, work experience, qualifications, etc…

Which PR Is The Fastest For Me?

There is no fast permanent residence process, every permanent residence pathway will require a long term planning and processing and your chance of getting permanent residence might be impacted if there are changes in the migration rules.

Being Sponsored Will Guarantee Permanent Residence

Your visa application can still be refused even when you get sponsored as you need to make sure that your sponsor is approved and the nomination is approved, and a long-lasting employer by the case officer before working on your application and if you still have to show the evidence of your eligibility for the visa.

My Siblings Hold Permanent Residence So My Permanece Residence Will Be Easier

The fact that your sibling is a permanent residence/Australian citizenship does not give a positive effect on your visa application as the case officer is assessing you based on your application submission. Your sibling might be able to grant you more points (Regional visas only) if they have stayed in the area long enough depending on the subclass that you are applying but you still have to make sure that you satisfy the requirements.

Partner Visa Is Easy To Get Permanent Residence

Even for genuine relationships, you still have to show the evidence of your relationships for at least 2 years after lodging the stage 1 application because the case officer has to be convinced with documents to show that you are genuinely committed to your partner/spouse. So it is difficult if you do not have the evidence in a form of documents and even if you do, your partner visa will not be granted if you decide to break up at any point of your relationship before your stage 2 permanent residence is granted. This could take up to 4 to 5 years.
year 1: the story of your relationship (de facto/ marriage)
year 2: lodge stage 1 application TR application
year 3: wait for results outcome of TR application
Year 4: Lodge stage 2
year 5: outcome of stage 2. However, contact us if you have been in a long term relationship as both stages could be granted within 2 years

I Have Lived In Australia For 8+ Years, Permanent Residence Should Be Easier For Me

Your residency alone is not enough to get a permanent residence visa, you have to check the eligibility and requirements on the permanent residence subclasses.

I Can Hold Subclass 485 Visa More Than Once

You can not hold subclass 485 more than once in your lifetime, once you hold subclass 485, you have to make the most out of it if you are planning to get permanent residence. You can continue to apply for another student visa just before your visa expired but you can not transition to 485 anymore.

I Can Get Permanence Residence On Any Occupation

You need to check the skilled occupation list on the department website as different occupations have access to different subclasses. You have to get a skills assessment for all of the skilled visas so your work experience has to match the requirements of the occupation authority. In some states, you can get a permanent residence if you have been sponsored on a working visa in that occupation for at least 3 years.

I Can Use My Current Employer As Professional Year Work Experience

Not necessarily, your employer has to be approved by your professional year provider and the assessing authority as there are requirements that your employer must satisfy.