Training and Sponsorship

Employer-sponsored visas usually require sponsorship and nomination from the employer that the applicant is currently working for. Standard business sponsorship and temporary activities sponsor can be used for multiple applicants but every applicant must be nominated separately based on the job vacancy that the employer needs to fill temporarily or permanently.

Work Sponsorship Matrix

Subclass 482 Visa (TR) 494 Visa (TR) 186 Visa (PR)
Standard Business Sponsorship Yes Yes No
Nomination Yes Yes Yes
Visa Application Yes (2 years short term, 4 years long term) Yes Yes

Temporary Activities Sponsorship Matrix

Subclass 407 Visa (TR) 403 Visa (TR) 408 Visa (TR)
Temporary Activities Sponsor Yes Yes Yes (Except Covid Visa)
Nomination Yes Yes Yes
Visa Application Yes Yes Yes
Training Plan Yes No No