Last updated: 09 Jul 2020

TRA Job Ready Program

This is a skills assessment pathway for the international student graduates that currently hold or is currently enrolled in the qualifications related to the occupations in the medium to long term list. The applicant is required to achieve a qualification and work in the occupation related to the qualification of the student visa period in Australia.

Step 1. Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA)

This step is used to get skills assessment for subclass 485, the skills assessment granted on this step is only usable for subclass 485 and not for permanent resident visa. You must have the followings in order to be eligible for this step:
  • Have held a student visa in Australia
  • Have Australian qualifications relevant to a TRA occupation
  • Have a proof of employment over 360+ hours or vocational placement relevant to your qualifications and nominated occupation that was completed in Australia 3 years before submitting the PSA application

Step 2. Job Ready Employment (JRE)

The purpose of this step is to make sure that you are able to work to further improve your skills. You are required to complete a minimum of 1725 hours of paid employment during the first 12 months of your JRE start date in order to be eligible for the last step of the entire program.
  • PSA granted
  • Currently or will be holding a visa with full work rights with enough duration to complete the entire program.
  • Have an eligible employment in your nominated occupation
  • If applicable, you need to have less than 4 months of your student visa.
  • Not holding training visa.

Step 3. Job Ready Workplace Assessment (JRWA)

This steps is to make sure that you are working at the required skill level of your nominated occupation.
  • TRA must approve your work arrangements
  • Payslips showing 863 hours of employment for the first six months of your JRE start date
  • Documents that show the evidence of you fulfiling your expected tasks and roles

Step 4. Job Ready Final Assessment (JRFA)

You will receive an email from TRA if your records show that you are eligible for the skills assessment on paper. Once JRFA is granted, you will be able to use the skills assessment for permanent resident visa purpose.
  • TRA must approve your work arrangements
  • JRWA must be granted
  • Provide payslips that show 1725+ hours of employment for the 12 months since the beginning of your JRE

Medium & Long Term Occupation List

Your occupation must be in the following list to be eligible for TRA Job Ready Program.
Occupation Name ANZSCO Skills Assessment Authority
electrical engineering technician 312312 TRA
radio communications technician 313211 TRA
automotive electrician 321111 TRA
motor mechanic (general) 321211 TRA
diesel motor mechanic 321212 TRA
motorcycle mechanic 321213 TRA
small engine mechanic 321214 TRA
sheetmetal trades worker 322211 TRA
metal fabricator 322311 TRA
pressure welder 322312 TRA
welder (first class) 322313 TRA
fitter (general) 323211 TRA
fitter and turner 323212 TRA
fitter‑welder 323213 TRA
metal machinist (first class) 323214 TRA
locksmith 323313 TRA
panelbeater 324111 TRA
bricklayer 331111 TRA
stonemason 331112 TRA
carpenter and joiner 331211 TRA
carpenter 331212 TRA
joiner 331213 TRA
painting trades worker 332211 TRA
glazier 333111 TRA
fibrous plasterer 333211 TRA
solid plasterer 333212 TRA
wall and floor tiler 333411 TRA
plumber (general) 334111 TRA
airconditioning and mechanical services plumber 334112 TRA
drainer 334113 TRA
gasfitter 334114 TRA
roof plumber 334115 TRA
electrician (general) 341111 TRA
electrician (special class) 341112 TRA
lift mechanic 341113 TRA
airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic 342111 TRA
technical cable jointer 342212 TRA
electronic equipment trades worker 342313 TRA
electronic instrument trades worker (general) 342314 TRA
electronic instrument trades worker (special class) 342315 TRA
chef 351311 TRA
horse trainer 361112 TRA
cabinetmaker 394111 TRA
boat builder and repairer 399111 TRA
shipwright 399112 TRA