407 Training Visa

This is a visa subclass for the applicant to seek training in a certain field of occupation so that they can get more experience and expose themself into their desire field of occupation. This visa allows the holder to stay for 2 years and the applicant is allowed to travel while this visa is active. The applicant can either be inside or outside of Australia to make this application. You will need to be nominated by your employer and the employer has to be an approved temporary activities sponsor.

407 Visa Checklist For Applicant:

Indentity Documents

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You will need to provide documents that contain your personal information such as your passport, national ID, etc…

Sponsor Documents

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You will need to lodge a sponsor nomination application before lodging the main 407 application and the approval letter should be included in the 407 application.

Financial Evidence

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You will need to show financial evidence that can support your stay in Australia.

Health Insurance

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You need to purchase a health insurance from Australian health insurance provider that match with your visa subclass.

English Test Report

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Your English test report should show at least a functional English. You don not need to take an English test if you hold a valid passport from UK, Canada, New Zealand, USA, or Ireland.

Qualifications & CV

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You will need to submit your qualification documents for your occupation and CV highlighting your experience related to your occupation and qualifications.

Professional Development Documents

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The current manager of the company will need to sign the documents that list your duties and tasks and that you are doing a professional development training. The documents should have the letterhead of the company.

Registration Purposes Training

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This must be issued by the regulatory body in Australia stating that you require a training for a registration of your nominated occupation (if applicable).

Police Check

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You must provide a police check from any country that you have lived in for 12+ months. You will need an AFP police check if you are applying in Australia.

407 Visa Checklist For Employer:

Training Documents

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You will need to provide the training documents which include the copy of contract given to the trainee, work place activities, functional English confirmation, and trainee license or registration.

Occupation Training For Skills Improvement.

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This inculdes current skills assessment, the trainings and the outcomes, milestones of tasks, and list of supervisors.

Stay Longer

This visa is not extendable, you can move to different visa such as 482 to continue working and work your way towards permanent resident. You can transition straight to permanent resident if you have enough points for the EOI points test and/or eligible for the state nomination.
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