Partner visa statutory declaration

A statutory declaration is needed from close friends or relatives as proof that the relationship between clients and main applicants are genuine and to satisfy the social aspects of the partner visa application.

Form 888

Form 888 needs to be filled and signed by a minimum of 2 witnesses. The witnesses can be from either side of the couple (can be from the sponsor side or applicant side). The more witnesses that you can gather, the better your application will be.

Who can fill form 888?

Only Australian citizen or permanent resident can fill-up the form. You need to attach their proof of Australian citizenship or passport that holds their permanent resident.

What should you say in the form

You should say your relationship with the couple, what makes you think that the relationship is genuine, and any information that can support your claim that the applicant and the sponsor are committed to each other.

Partner Visa Statutory Declaration Example

Note: you should fill form 888 according to your visa application and the situation of the relationship.
Example pdf