Steps Toward Permanent Residence Visa By Partner Visa in Australia

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Partner visa will grant you a permanent resident in Australia just as long as your relationship is genuine.

Are you onshore or offshore?



Step 1. Be onshores by holding any valid visas
You need to be in Australia with any valid visas (tourist, student, working holiday, etc)
Step 2. Be in a relationship (recommended for at least 12 months)
Generate a love story that highlights the moments of your overall relationships. It is recommended that your relationship has been going on for at least 12 months to prove that it is genuine.
Step 3. Lodge subclass 820 application
You will receive a bridging visa A until your subclass 820 has been approved this usually takes up to 2 years.
Step 4. Gather evidence of your genuine relationship
While waiting for your 820 to get granted, we recommend you to gather more evidence of your genuine relationship so that you can lodge your subclass 801 application as soon as your 820 is granted. The evidence required the 2 years of the relationship after 820 application is lodged.
Step 5. Subclass 820 granted
Subclass 820 allows you to stay in Australia for 2 years. You can lodge your 801 application if you have the 2 years evidence gathered during your processing time and if not, use this visa duration to gather the evidence needed.
Step 6. Lodge subclass 801 application
Lodge your permanent visa application and hope for the best.
Step 1. Be in a relationship
It is recommended to be in a relationship for at least 1 year.
Step 1.1. Lodge subclass 300 application (Optional)
This visa will allow you to come onshore as a fiance of your partner. Once onshore, you get to lodge subclass 820 instead.
Step 2. Lodge your subclass 309 application
After you lodge your application, it will take up to 2 years for the application to get processed. You will not get any visa to get onshore in this stage and your relationship will likely to be long-distance, you can lodge for visitor visa while you wait. It is a good idea to prepare your paperwork for subclass 100 application.
Step 3. Subclass 309 granted
You can come onshore after you have 309 granted. If your paperwork for subclass 100 application is ready, you can lodge the application for permanent resident immediately.
Step 4. Gather the evidence of your relationship
If you have not already, you should use this stage to gather your documents and get your paperwork sorted for the preparation fo you permanent resident application.
Step 5. Lodge subclass 100 application
This visa will take up to 2 years to get granted but once granted, you will be holding a permanent resident visa.