482 visa

482 Visa – Temporary Skill Shortage

This visa lets you stay in Australia for up to 4 years (2 years for short-term stream & 4 years for long-term stream) while working full-time with an Australian employer who will be sponsoring you, your employer has to prove they could not find any Australian or permanent resident skilled worker. You must have at least 2 years of experience in your nominated occupation. Your occupation must be on the short-term skilled occupations list or Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. You will be granted the short-term stream if your occupation is in the short-term list and you will be granted the medium-term stream if your occupation is in the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List. You must be nominated by your employer, and the nomination letter needs to be submitted as part of the main 482 application.

482 visa checklist for applicant:

Personal Identity documents

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You will need to prepare your personal identity documents such as passport, birth certificate, national ID, birth certificate, etc…

Skills Assessment & Occupation Retaled documents

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Provide the TSS skills assessment from the skills assessment authority that assess your nominated occupation. You need to submit your registratio, resume, and employment reference letters alongside your skills assessment.

English Test Report

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Your English must be IELTS of overall 5 with at least 4.5 each in each band or overall 36 with at least 30 in each band for short-term stream, must be IELTS of overall 5 with at least 5 each in each band or overall 36 with at least 36 in each band for medium-term stream

Health Insurance

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Proof that you have purchased a health insurance from an Australian health insurance provider.

Police Check

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You need to provide a police check from all countries that you have been living in for 12 months. If you are applying this visa in Australia, you will need an AFP police check.

482 visa checklist for employer:

Nominee’s details + Employement Location

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Nominee’s details include information such as full name, date of birth, nominee’s TRN, visa grant number of the visas that the nominee have held during his/her stay in Australia. The postcode where the location of the employment will be held.

Employment Contract

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A copy of employment contract signed and dated by both correspondences.

Market Salary

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You need to provide proof that you are paying the nominee according to the market salary.

Proof Of Labour Market Testing

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This is the proof that you could not find an Australian citizen or permanent resident suitable for the position about to be filled by the nominee.

Proof That The Position Is Genuine

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This will be the proof that you are genuinely in need of the position to be filled by the nominee and show that your business is operating legally in Australia. You need to submit ANZSCO code and tasks of the occupation, organisational chart that includes the nominee, explanation of how the nominated position will fit in within the organisation, proof that the position existed before the nomination.

Transition to PR

You will be able to transition to 186 or any of the skilled migration subclassess if you are eligible for the visa.
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