subclass 600

Subclass 600 – Visitor Visa

Visitor visa is intended for applicants who want to stay temporary for visiting purposes only either for personal holiday, visiting family members, and short term business purposes. Your genuine reasons for visiting Australia is crucial to make sure that your visitor visa application is granted as a lot of applications are rejected due to the case officer not believing that the applicants are genuinely visiting for a temporary period. You must have some ways to financially support you while you are staying in Australia.

Visitor Visa Streams

There are several streams of visitor visa for different reasons of visitng Australia.

Tourist Stream

The main purpose of this visa is to temporary visit Australia for holiday purposes, you need to show that you are genuinely visiting Australia temporarily, the evidence should be a strong reason for you to return to your country. You can be granted single or multiple entries of this visa. You have to declare the duration of your stay and the department will try and match the duration to your genuine intention and determine the actual period of your stay. You may be granted 3 months to 12 months of the stay period, you may be able to be granted more than 12 months if the department decides to give you more than 12 months. This stream can be applied onshore and offshore, you will be granted a bridging visa A if you apply for this visa onshore. You cannot work on this stream and you are allowed to study for 3 months.

Sponsored Family Stream

You can be granted single or multiple entries on this stream. You need to get yourself sponsored by a family member who holds Australian citizenship or permanent resident. You may be granted up to 12 months of visa depending on the requested duration and your genuine reasons for visiting. You must not be in Australia when you are applying for this stream, you can apply for a tourist stream if you are onshore. You cannot work on this stream and you are allowed to study for 3 months.

Business Visitor Stream

This visa must be applied outside of Australia. You must have a genuine intention of visiting Australi for business purposes such as negotiating a business contract and take part in business seminars. You cannot work and study on this visa stream. You may be granted up to 12 months of stay on this visa but the period of stay is heavily dependent on your genuine temporary intention of visiting, you may be granted multiple entries or single entry depending on your situation.

Subclass 600 Document Checklist:

Note: all documents must be in English, all non English documents must be NAATI translated.

Personal Identity documents

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You will need to prepare your personal identity documents such as passport, birth certificate, national ID, birth certificate, etc…

Police Check

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You need to provide an AFP police check and the police check from your country of origin or any foreign country that you lived in for 12 months.

Health Check

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If you are requested to do a health check by the department, you must book a health check session with the provided HAP ID.

Financial Documents

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Proof that you have enough money to support yourself while you are in Australia and that you can afford to book a flight to get on and get off the country.

Family Ties

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If you have a family member who is currently staying in Australia, you can provide their details and explain their relationship to you, this is mandatory if you are applying for a sponsored family stream.

Proof Of Genuine Temporary Stay

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You need to submit your plan while in Australia and documents that show your reasons of staying in Australia temporarily, the documents that are considered as striong reasons are current employment in home country, property ownership, and immidiate family members in home country.

Business Related Documents (Business Visitor Stream Only)

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THe documents can be an invitation to a seminar, evidence of Australian business contact, employment contract, etc…