Vision & Mission


Our vision is to prioritise our client’s needs when it comes to Australian migration related issues for offshore and onshore clients. We are continuously learning from every successful and unsuccessful case. Each time the policy changes, it can impact a lot of clients. Our aim is to provide as much information as possible to assist the client make a decision about their future.


Our mission is to ensure our clients receive options on visas that match their situation and intention of staying in Australia. We will take care of each case just as if the visa applicant is our family member, with backup plans to cover all basis. The success of our clients’ application is always our number one priority, although we cannot guarantee the outcome of the case, we apply our skills and knowledge to the best of our ability. We provide Migration assistance for both individuals and corporations and adapt constantly every time the policy changes.

Why Choose LC Migration?

Honesty Guarantee

When you decide to let us help you, you are always covered by our honesty guarantee.
We will share with you every solution that we can find to prepare you for the best possible outcome.
( ) Our team will take care of The entire process
( ) Quality, expert advice
( ) Upfront expectation
( ) Results driven
( ) The success of your application is our number one priority