Professional Year Canberra


It will be a total of 44 weeks (34 weeks in class sessions and 10 weeks of internship placement)

The price of professional year program is around $11,000.00. You will be paying less than the full price if you enrol through us.

To enrol, you are required to have an Australian Bachelor/Master degree in Accounting/IT/Engineering

For most cases, it is required to have a minimum of 12 months of visa validity but different professional year provider can make a few adjustments if you have a legitimate reasons to extends your visa.

Yes, the host company have to hire you for the internship.

This depends on the applicant, the internship company may offer a full-time job to the applicant based on their own decision.

You should contact the professional year provider to have your current workplace assessed and if your workplace fits the requirements, yes you can use your current employment for the internship placement.

Professional year is a program for international students to learn the work culture in Australia and develop professional skills that can help to bring their formal education into Australian workplace. Professional year program requires the applicant to sit in a once a week class sessions for the period of 34 weeks and the applicant will be place in an internship for 10 weeks with a host company of their industry. This program runs for a total of 44 weeks (34 weeks of class sessions and 10 weeks of internship placement). You can use your current employment as your internship placement if your workplace fits the requirements of internship host.

Requirements to Enroll in a Professional Year Program:

  • Have an Australian Bachelor/Master degree in Accounting/IT/Engineering
  • Hold a visa that allows work and study (preferably holding 485 visa or applied for 485 visa)
  • Have competent level English

Benefits of Professional Year Program:

  • Professional year points for SkillSelect EOI (5 points)
  • Counted as 1 year of Canberra study for the purpose of Canberra matrix (5 points)
  • Internship work experience
  • The potential to be hired by the internship company
  • Exposure to Australian work culture
  • Opportunity to learn professional skills
  • Have access to professional events that allow networking
  • ACS Skills Assessment treats professional year program as 1 year of work experience

Benefits of Enrolling in Professional Year Program Through LC Migration

Discounted Price

The full price of the professional year program will be discounted. You can choose to pay the full price at once or pay in an instalment.

Discounted Consultation

We will arrange a discounted consultation of $165 ($229 Originally).

Discounted 485 Visa Professional Fees

If you would like to enrol in professional year program, we will offer you a discounted price for our professional fees on 485 application

Canberra Accommodation

If you are moving into Canberra, we can help you find an accommodation with our accommodation partner

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