188C visa

188C – Significant Investor Stream

This stream of subclass 188 is for the applicants that are capable of investing at least a minimum of AU$5,000,000.00 within the 4 years of this visa duration. The applicants can invest in a range of assets, companies listed on Australian stock exchange, Australian corporate bonds, commercial real estate. The investment should be made through managed funds instead of of direct investment. The applicants should never have any history of unacceptable business activities.

Subclass 188C – Significant Investor Stream Visa Checklist:

Note: all documents must be in English, all non-English documents have to be NAATI translated.

Personal Identity documents

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You will need to prepare your personal identity documents such as passport, birth certificate, national ID, birth certificate, etc…

Significant Investor Documents

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These documents should proof the ownership of the business, assets, stocks, and income.

English Proficiency

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You will need to submit an English test report that shows your English level as functional or better.

Police Check

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You need to submit a police check from every country that you have lived in for at least 12 months.

Form 80

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You need to complete a form 80 and submit it to the department so that the department know better about your history, qualifications, and work experience.

Health Check

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The department will request a health check and you will need to book a session of health check with the provided HAP ID.

Investment Rules:

1. 60% Balancing Investment

Maximum of 60% of investment, can include:
  • Commercial property
  • ASX-listed equities
  • Corporate bonds

2. 30% Small Caps / Emerging Companies

  • Mandatory investment of at least 30% (AU$1,500,000.00)
  • Market capitalism < AU$500,000,000.00
  • ASX-listed and unlisted companies (max 20%)
  • May invest 10% of the fund in foreign listed companies
  • Max 30% in companies which grow > $500,000,000.00
  • Mininimum of 20 investee companies within 3 months
  • No single investment that is > 10% of net assets

3. 10% VCPE

  • Mandatory investment of at least 10% (AU$ 500,000.00)
  • Must be Australian Government registered:
    • Veture capital limited partnership or
    • Early stage venture capital limited partnership or
    • Australian funds of funds
  • Companies < AU$250,000,000.00 enterprise value
  • No property and development or land ownership, finance, insurance, construction, or passive investments.

188 – Significant Investor Extension Stream

This visa is an extension to your current 188C – Significant Investor Stream. To be eligible for an extension, you will need to hold 188C for at least 3 years and you will be granted an additional of 2 years. Your reason to extend this visa is that you require more time for the investment to mature. You will need to provide the same documents provided from the previous visa just need to be updated with the improvements after 188C – Significant Investor Stream.

Transition to permanent resident

After holding this visa, you will need to keep investing to the matured investment for your 188 visa and you will need to stay for at least 40 days a year every year of the visa duration. You should be eligible for a permanent visa application (subclass 888) after 4 years of holding this visa.