132A visa

132A Visa – Significant Business History Stream

This is a permanent resident visa for the applicant that has a successful business history and would want to continue owning and managing a business in Australia. You will need to own a net asset value of AU$1.5 Million and the business turnover of AU$3 Million. You need to be nominated by an Australian state or territory. You can apply for this visa from inside or outside of Australia.

132A Visa Checklist:

Note: all documents must be in English, all non English documents must be NAATI translated.

Personal Identity documents

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You will need to prepare your personal identity documents such as passport, birth certificate, national ID, birth certificate, etc…

Assets documents

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You must submit documents that highlight your ownership of your assets and liabilities alongside your personal or business loan. You must be able to proof the ownership of legally aquired personal assets of AU$1.5 Million.

Business Documents

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These documents should explain your business plan, the turnover, ownership, financial history, and your involvement of the business.

Form 80 + Police Check + Form 1221

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A completed form 80, a police check from every country that you have lived in for 12+ months and a completed form 1221. You need to submit a military records if you have served in military at any point of your life.

English Test Report

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You need to submit an English test report that shows a functional English OR you can pay second instalment if you are not able to reach a functional English level.