Skills Assessment Guidelines December 2019 ACS

Skills Assessment ACS

ACS (Australian Computer Society) is an assessing authority for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) related occupations. After you lodge an application, it usually takes ACS about 8 to 10 weeks to complete the application unless if your visa is expiring within 12 weeks in which you can lodge for their priority processing which will cut their processing time to 2 weeks, any work experience submitted must be done when you are 18+ years old. Click here to check if your nominated occupation is being assessed by ACS.
If you do not have any work experience in any of the ICT occupations, you can enrol in a professional year program instead.

ACS Skills Assessment Documents Checklist (For Permanent Resident):


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ACS only needs the bio page of your passport.

Change of Name Evidence (If Applicable)

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Submit a change of name if you have changed your name. If you are known in different name, you should submit the evidence of the different name as well.

Degree or Award Certificate

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Certificate of your bachelor or higher degree alongside the academic transcript and completion letter of your course.

Employment References OR ACS Professional Year Certificate

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This includes the statutory declaration from your employer and a signed reference letter with the company letterhead from each employers. If you have completed an ACS professional year program, you can submit the professional year certificate instead of the employment references.


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Your payslips should reflect your claimed period and refrences from your employer. If you submitted professional year cerrificate instead of employment refrences, you do not have to submit your payslips.


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Your resume should includes your claimed qualifications and work experience.