Partner Visa (Onshore) – Subclass 820/801

  • Temporary residency visa with PR pathway
  • Apply in Australia
  • Bridging visa will be granted which allows its holder to stay in Australia until outcome of visa application

Partner Visa (Offshore) – Subclass 309/100

  • Temporary residency visa with PR Pathway
  • Apply outside of Australia
  • While waiting for the visa application on a visitor visa

Prospective Marriage Visa – Subclass 300

  • This is common for arranged marriages where the couple is engaged and intends to marry in Australia.
  • Application must be at least 18 years old
  • Both parties must have met before
  • Once granted, you have 9 months to come onshore and get married
  • From there, you can progress to a 820 partner visa
  • Apply outside of Australia