Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List of 02/09/2020

Priority Skills List Australia

This list contains the occupation that Australia consider as critical occupations while recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. This list will only affect the processing of the following subclasses:
  • Subclass 482
  • Subclass 494
  • Subclass 186
  • Subclass 187
Other eligible occupations are still being processed but the occupations in the list will be prioritised. The following are the occupations being prioritised.
Chief Executive or Managing Director
ANZSCO: 111111
Construction Project Manager
ANZSCO: 133111
Mechanical Engineer
ANZSCO: 233512
General Practitioner
ANZSCO: 253111
Resident Medical Officer
ANZSCO: 253112
ANZSCO: 253411
Medical Practitioner nec
ANZSCO: 253999
ANZSCO: 254111
Registered Nurse (Aged Care)
ANZSCO: 254412
Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)
ANZSCO: 254415
Registered Nurse (Medical)
ANZSCO: 254418
Registered Nurse (Mental Health)
ANZSCO: 254422
Registered Nurse (Perioperative)
ANZSCO: 254423
Registered Nurses nec
ANZSCO: 254499
Developer Programmer
ANZSCO: 261312
Software Engineer
ANZSCO: 261313
Maintenance Planner
ANZSCO: 312911