About Megan

Korean 国籍:韩国
Status: Married
Visa Application:
ENS 雇主提名

Testimonial from: Megan

“My husband and I applied for our permanent residency which is ENS by Liz Chen. We were the one who was going to be first clients for her, and we could just not believe how she did a great job for us, the way she gave us quote with all details between RSMS and ENS, we just loved how she described things and showed us, also she was the most affordable migration agency ever.

When we were eligible to apply our PR, she started working with detail contract paper for both of us and continued all amazing work.

She came to our house to figure out what is our school name in English, and what was our travel story for last 10 years and the others. 

She is a hard worker and super detailed, triple checking every document.

We are highly recommend her to people who needs to apply their work visa or PR.”