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Korean 韩国
Status: Married
Visa Application:
Temporary Graduate 学生毕业签证

Testimonial from: Jay

“Liz Chen was first recommended to by my friend who got her ENS visa successfully with Liz’s help.

After I finished my school, I had to apply for my 485 visa which is graduate visa. My wife and I were looking for a good and reliable migration consultant for a long time before we were recommended Liz. As you can assumed we contacted couple of other agencies. They are good agencies but something was missing in their service. I cannot explain what it was exactly. (Actually, it was my wife’s opinion. My wife wants more service from them. )

When we met Liz for the first time, we were very surprised by her young looking. She was very younger than I expected. To be honest, my wife was worried about that if she has not enough experience, she could not take after us well. However, after the meeting, my wife and I were surprised again. She has studied law for a long time and understands our situation 100%. Right after we finished our meeting, we decided to proceed with our visa with Liz.

Since she studied Immigration law for a long time, she was little bit different from the other agencies. I did not want to compare her ability to the other agencies’ but I had to.

When my friend who proceed with her 485 with her agency needed lots of papers for the application, we were required not many documents for the same visa. When my friend was having a trouble filling out the form that we needed, Liz did that for us. She gave us prompt feedback frequently too. I think her character is like that. She wants everything to be perfect in every way and everything needs to be done by law. I felt that she cares for us very much. That makes me and my wife happy. We could totally rely on her. Actually, we got the visa very soon. It took only few weeks, when my friend had to wait for few months.

She is still doing feedback service for us even after we were granted our visa long time ago. Every single time when our situation is changed, we ask her advice. She always gives us very warm responses and right advice. I am very satisfied with her working style and kindness.

I would highly recommend Liz. She is the best choice if you are looking for a good migration service. Thanks again Liz.”