– FAQ –

Q: Who can help me with my visa issue?

Only registered migration agent can help you with your visa application. For more info, click here.

Q: Do I need a migration agent or lawyer to apply for visa in Australia?

Migration agent and lawyer are not mandatory to apply for any visa, however, agents and lawyers are able to assist you with your visa application. More info.

Q: Can LC Migration guarantee the success of my application?

Under MARA code of conduct, we must not guarantee the success of any visa application. see 2.10 from here. You can consider the google reviews from our previous clients by clicking here.

Q: How to get permanent residence in Australia?

There are multiple pathways to achieve permanent residence. You can choose to get it through skilled visas or business visas. Partner visas can grant you permanent residence as well.

Q: Can you work with student visa?

Yes, you can work up to 40 hours for every 2 weeks during your semester period.

Q: Can I travel overseas under bridging visa?

Bridging visa B allows you to travel overseas under the specified travel period. Bridging visa A, C, and E will cease when you leave Australia.

Q: How can I apply for work visa?

You must be nominated by an employer to apply for work visa in Australia. If you do not have an employer to nominate you, the next best thing is to apply for work & holiday visa (462) or working holiday visa (417).

Q: What should I do if my application is refused?

If you applying for an application in Australia and it got refused, you can get your application reviewed by Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

Q: Can my employer cancel my visa?

No, your employer does not have the authority to cancel your visa. If your visa is cancelled, it is usually the decision made by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA). More info.

Q: How long does it take for the department to process my visa application?

Depends on the visa that you are applying, some can take days and some can take years. Click here to check for the processing duration of your visa.

Q: What is the quote if I want to use a migration agent?

The quote depends on the complexity of the application, we usually provide the figure of our quote after a consultation to get a good look of the application before giving the amount.

Q: Are EOI points and Canberra Matrix points the same?

No, they are separate points system, EOI is the overall points toward the visa subclass and Canberra matrix points is the points system to get the state nomination in the ACT.

Q: Do you do a visa for other countries?

We are currently focusing on Australian migration services but we are doing an application for EB5 project which is a visa to get permanent residence in the USA.

Q: Does marrying an Australian give me citizenship?

No, but it will grant you a permanent residence and you will be able to apply for an Australian Citizenship after 4 years.

Q: What is the duration of stay for a student visa?

Your student visa will match the duration of the course that you are enrolling in.

Q: Can I extend my student visa if I fail any units?

You have to apply for another student visa and you need to explain why you need to stay longer in the GTE. You have to extend your health insurance during the period of the unit redo.

Q: Does a child born in Australia get citizenship?

Yes, as long as one of their parents holds a permanent residence or Australian citizen.

Q: Can I apply a student visa for a professional year?

No, you must have an existing visa to enroll in a professional year program.

Q: Can I get a new passport if I have an existing visa?

Yes, you can get a new passport if your current one is about to expire but you have to let the department know by updating your passport through immi account.