We have partnered exclusively with PCEG to provide Permanent Residence (Green Card) to our high netwealth clients. The live feed of the construction camera for this exciting project is found here. To access this link you will need to be a client in this project. Contact Us today to find out how.
Investment amount will increase to US$900,000 after 21 November 2019


The EB-5 Program is a federal foreign direct investment, immigration, and regional economic development program that provides access to capital for U.S. projects and creates American jobs at no expense to taxpayers. Under the program, each investor is required to demonstrate that at least 10 new jobs were created or saved as a result of the EB-5 investment.

Regional Centers are able to pool EB-5 capital from multiple foreign investors for investment in USCIS-approved economic development projects within a defined geographic region.

What is a Regional Center and what do they do?

An EB-5 Regional Center is an organization, designated and regulated by USCIS, which facilitates investment in job-creating economic development projects by pooling capital raised under the EB-5 immigrant investor program.

Regional Centers maximize the program’s job creation benefits by facilitating the investment of significant amounts of capital in large-scale projects often in coordination with regional economic development agencies which use the EB-5 funds to leverage additional capital. Regional Centers use economic analysis models, including those developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, to demonstrate that job creation targets and other program requirements have been achieved.

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Investment: $500K USD
Processing Fee: $75K USD to $100K USD (depending on number of applicants)


1. USA Green Card for entire family (kids less than 21 years old)
2. Competitive return on investment expected
3. Anticipated return of investment

The Circa Project presents foreign investors with a rare opportunity to be a part of a new resort and casino property in world famous Las Vegas, Nevada. Resort guests will be able to enjoy distinctive bars, enjoyable restaurant, suites with dramatic views of Las Vegas, diverse beverage and menu options, and yet to be revealed signature elements which should position this resort as a top tourist destination. With an impressive track record. The Circa Project can take the elements of gaming, lodging, and entertainment to new levels.

We have partnered up with PCEG (Pacific Casino & Entertainment Group), a regional center in Las Vegas to offer this project to our high end clients. PCEG leads a team of expert consultants and is committed to leveraging the hospitality and casino industry knowledge and experience of its principals and affiliated companies to support efforts to facilitate this unique investment opportunity.

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Exemplar Approved

This project received Exemplar Approval on the 25 September 2018 from USCIS.
What does this mean? This means this project has been pre-approved and certified by USCIS to meet certain criteria delineated in the EB-5 requirements.
These aspects include: the new commercial enterprise, business plan, business organizational documents, offering documents, job creation claims, etc.

How and Why Investors Benefit

1. Jobs have already been created

2. Project taking out existing equity i.e will be 100% funded without EB-5

3. Processing Times

An EB-5 application is made up of two major parts:
  • Project documents, provided by the regional center, and
  • Proof of source of funds, provided by the investor.
Because the first major portion, the regional center’s project documents, has already received preapproval, the USCIS will generally only need to review the investor’s source of funds documents (as long as there are no material changes or evidence of fraud or misrepresentation from the project side).

Visa Quota

  • The US Government issues aproximately 10,000 visas per year for EB5.
  • Each country has its own limitations.
  • For the financial year of 2019, there is 9940, and 696 per country.
  • In 2019, our firm has clients from Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
Reference: Annual Numerical Limits FY 2019

Circa – Take Me Downtown

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